Pole Levels – What They Are, Why We Have Them and How to Use Them to Level Up Your Pole Journey

By SweetCapri
* Updated 3/5/24

Diversity in the pole community is something to celebrate.  People from all different backgrounds, of all different body types and genders come to Soul Pole Dance Studios to share a love for pole.  Just as these differences make each of us unique, our pole journeys will not look the same.

Because everyone’s journeys will look different, it is important to us that our students are happy with where they are while safely leveling up their skills. Safety is one of the main reasons we have class levels.  This class level system helps us group students who are developing similar skills needed to progress to the next level in a way that is safe and efficient.

As an example, if a student who is still mastering the push and pull of a full bracket grip goes to a Level 4 class where they are working on handsprings, that student will not be able to attempt the moves with the rest of the class without risking injury.

It is easy to let our egos get in the way of our pole progress.  Each student is different and will progress at their own speed.  Trying to jump ahead to higher levels and attempt moves we are not ready for can hurt our progress in the long run, as pole injuries can set us back months if not longer.  As much as you can, try not to compare yourself to other students because we can only control the work we put into our own training.  If we take a step back and do an honest assessment of our own strengths and weaknesses, it will be easier to find the pole class or classes that best fit our individual level.

Jess | Pole Levels | Soul Pole Dance

What do we want you to take away from this blog post?:
Pole is not a linear journey. However, there is a somewhat linear sequence of moves that are, not only considered fundamental, but necessary to master in order to progress in your journey. The speed at which those fundamental moves are learned can be influenced by the individual’s background prior to pole (i.e., previous experience with weight training, yoga, dance, gymnastics, etc.). Pole requires us to develop so many different skills – both familiar and unfamiliar to us, therefore it is essential that we learn and master the fundamental skills at our own level first.  It will make your progression to higher levels easier. Trust us.

Here’s a breakdown of our levels:

Class Level Content Prerequisite
Intro to Pole Basics Introduction to basic grips, moves, and spins. No experience necessary
Pole Level 1 Learning the building blocks of pole – pole climbs, basic spins, leg holds, basic combos, and other moves from the floor.
Begin conditioning for inverts.READ MORE HERE.
Intro to Pole Basics / Approval from instructor.
Pole Level 2 Increasing pole vocabulary.
Learning to invert and working on upside down and genie shapes. This option is for students who have successfully taken or are taking Pole Level 1 classes and are ready to move on. Students at this level are ready to work on more specific spins and moves, gain comfortability being upside down on the pole, learn to invert from the floor, leg hangs, and genie shapes.
Students also begin exploring shapes such as superwoman/man, marley, and different pole handstand shapes.
The more advanced level 2 students begin learning shapes and transitions required to execute the more advanced moves such  butterfly, foot mounts, shoulder mounts and brass sits.READ MORE HERE
Successful completion of  pole level 1 or level 1-2 classes, solid and strong forearm climb, genie, jasmine from the floor and aerially, ability to crucifix and chopper.
Pole Level 3 This class is designed for students ready to bring their pole journey to the next level.  Here the student will focus on gaining strength and flexibility needed to perform  pole moves and tricks with three or two points of contact.


Student must have a solid and clean invert to both outside and inside leg hangs, crucifix, genie, jasmine, and brass sits.  The ability to invert multiple times is necessary as we take our journey upside down more frequently.
Student must have successfully completed all the fundamentals moves learned in Pole Level 2 or approval from instructor.
Pole Level 4+ At this level students will gain a higher level of confidence in both spin and static pole, link 2 or more moves and transitions, become fluid in aerial inversions and aerial shoulder mounts.
Students will be working on static rotations, handsprings, ayeshas (all grips!), and more advanced flexy and upside down shapes and tricks with various entries and grips.READ MORE HERE.
Student must have the ability to aerial shoulder mount and invert multiple times.
Students at this level are able to participate in class respectfully by being attentive and following instructors’ directions.
Student must have successfully completed all the fundamentals moves learned in Pole Level 3-4 or approval from instructor.
Pole Level 5/Power Pole Students will continue perfecting moves learned in our Level 4 with more emphasis placed on quality of movement and flow. We will spend a significant amount of time combining these advanced tricks in the air, on both spin or static.
Be prepared for more transitions, dynamic flows, drops, and flips.
At the Power Pole level you can expect to see more dynamic spins such as phoenix spin, drops, flips and deadlifts.READ MORE HERE.
Student must be actively and consistently enrolled in level 3-4 and above and or int/adv. pole combos and flow classes. Approval from instructor or studio required.

* Pre-requisite: means you should be able to do things listed in order to start taking a class at the desired level.

* Classes offered in our booking system state the necessary pre-requisites. Please be sure to read those before signing up! Detailed class descriptions can be found on this page.

Not sure what level you are? When in doubt, reach out to our studio manager! They are always happy to help. You can send an email to jess@soulpoledance.com

We hope you found this blog post helpful. Happy poling!

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  • Jasmine Arena

    Hi, my name is Jasmine I am trying to sign up for pole dance level 1. Can you please email me with dates that you have available.

    • Amanda

      Hi Jasmine,
      you would need to go register for class here —> https://soulpoledance.com/schedule/
      If you have never done pole before we recommend the Intro to Pole Basics first before signing up for the Level 1.
      Thank you and see you soon!

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