Use of open pole time and private studio rental is reserved for Soul Pole students only.

Students must have taken a minimum of 5 classes in order to participate or permission from studio owner.

We strongly encourage the use of wireless headphones. The music of choice will be whatever has been selected by the person supervising open pole.

Please do not perform tricks or moves you have never done before or are out of your level. While we want to encourage our students to soar we also want you to be safe!

When removing the pins to put the poles on spin, place the pin in the appropriate glass dish on the shelves or ask a Soul Pole member for assistance.



If you are not a student at our studio, please contact us for clearance. We reserve the right to accept or deny requests from non-studio members.


Studio rental is for rehearsals, auditions or practice use only.

Individuals who are not students at our studio looking to rent the space for rehearsals, auditions or practice must fill out this form and are subject to approval. We reserve the right to deny requests.

No more than 3 people are allowed to rent full studio time. Only 1 person is allowed for the half studio rental.

For now, the studio can be rented for a maximum of 3 hours

7 poles - 12ft+ height

$35/hr – half studio rental

$65/hr – full studio rental

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