If you have never done pole before, regardless of your athletic capabilities, we always recommend our Intro to Pole class.  There are just many new things to learn and share with you! Plus we always want you to be safe and this is the one of the ways we can ensure you are!

We highly recommend you wear or bring shorts and tank tops in order to have your arms and legs exposed. As you progress you will learn why it is important to have the skin on your arms, legs and torso exposed.

You do not need to wear heels, but we encourage you to try them out! The type of heels typically worn by Pole Dancers are Pleaser Heels, also known as “Pleasers”. No street shoes are allowed on the dance/pole area.

If this is your first time dancing in heels, I’d recommend wearing 1-2″ stiletto heels. Block heels and boots (instead of sandals or open toe shoes) offer more stability. Shoes should be comfortable enough to dance in; try walking around at home first. If you do not yet have dance heels, jazz shoes or socks can be worn. No Pleasers (platform heels often higher than 6″ tall) please.
You can find more information by clicking here.

You can park on the side of the street. There is also a parking lot adjacent to our studio. The unpaved lot does not belong to our building, but you can still park there. Just keep in mind it is unpaved. The other paved lot next to it belongs to our building and you can park there as well. Parking is free.

You should go into your account and cancel your booking ASAP. You can cancel your class within the 6 hours before scheduled class time for a refund or credit to your account. For detailed information regarding our cancellation policies go here.

No worries! If you love pole as much as we do, you gain strength but you don’t need it to start! Consistency is key!

You do not need to be flexible to start! With consistent attendance to your pole classes you will notice both – increased flexibility and strength!

Absolutely! You also have the option to book the studio for your desired length of time. You can read details here.

If you’ve taken pole classes at another studio and it’s been a while, we highly recommend and encourage you to start with our Intro to Pole Basics or Intro to Exotic Pole class. If you have taken classes recently and feel confident you do not need an Intro class, please give us a call so we can assess your level and give you a recommendation.

Lotions and/or oils can be a bit of a hazard to you and your peers. Lotions will make you slippery thus preventing your body from making adequate contact with the pole. You also run the risk of leaving residue on the pole that could affect other students similarly.

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