If you have never taken a pole class before please start with our Intro to Pole Basics.

Intro to Pole Basics

Learn the fundamentals and techniques needed to perform the beginner moves of pole dancing. Start to get a feel for this unique apparatus while practicing combinations of moves taught piece by piece. Great for those looking to gain strength and body awareness- or just have fun! No experience necessary.

Pole Level 1

(Beginner Pole)

It’s time to start building the foundation to your pole journey. You will learn pole climbs, spins, leg holds. Students will begin conditioning for inverting from the floor.

Must have taken Intro to Pole Basics or permission/approval from instructor.

Pole Level 2

(Beginner/Intermediate Pole)

This option is for students who have successfully taken or are taking Pole Level 1 classes and are ready to move on. Students at this level are ready to work on more specific spins and moves, gain comfortability being upside down on the pole, begin to prep or learn to invert from the floor, leg hangs, and genie shapes.
Students also begin exploring shapes such as superwoman/man, marley, butterfly, and elbow stand shapes on the pole.

Must have successfully completed Level 1 classes.

pole level 3


This class is designed for students ready to bring their pole journey to the next level.  Here the student will focus on gaining strength and flexibility needed to perform specific moves and tricks with three or two points of contact. Students will spend a great deal on perfecting fundamental skills such as inverts to inside and outside leg hangs, climbs, and increasing body awareness and engagement.
Some of the common skills you can expect to learn in Level 3 are: Superwo/man, Shoulder Mounts, flexy moves and shapes such as Jade Split, Brass Monkey and prep for your Handsprings!


pole level 3-4


This class is a hybrid of a high level 3 student who is advancing toward the more advanced levels. Please see both level 3 and 4 for individual descriptions.

Student must be have a solid, clean invert from the floor, both inside and outside leg hangs, and shoulder mounts.
Successful completion of level 2 required or approval in order to register for this class.

Pole Level 4

(High Intermediate/Advanced Pole)

At this level students will gain a level of confidence in both both spin and static pole, link more moves and transitions, and aerial inversions and shoulder mounts.
Students will begin working on handsprings and ayeshas (all grips!).

Student must have solid inverts and STRONG INSIDE AND OUTSIDE LEG HOOKS, and shoulder mounts.

Pole Level 5

(Advanced Pole)

Students will work on two-point contact moves such as Ayeshas, Janeiro, Dragon Tail, Pegasus, etc. We will spend a significant amount of time combining these advanced tricks in the air, on both spin or static.
Be prepared for more transitions, dynamic flows, drops, and flips!


mixed level pole

Build strength, confidence and flexibility while challenging yourself in new ways.  In this class we will practice moves and tricks that may take you up the pole and upside down while offering variations and progressions depending on your level. Open to all levels.

Must have taken Intro to Pole Basics and at least 5 pole level 1 classes.

fyre tricks

This class is taught by our guest instructor Jena Clough.
Learn some of Jena’s fierce tricks and splitty combos in this spin pole class! Jena loves dragons so you will be learning fiery and bendy moves. Expect a technical breakdown of each maneuver that will give you full understanding of each trick. Jena will ensure that you know all the steps needed for success. Focus will be placed on learning control in these movements and how to take your time in them. Jena has a fun, energetic way of teaching that will leave you feeling satisfied and ready for your homework!
This class is offered virtually.

Must be a solid level 2 student who is comfortable combining combos on spin pole or
approval from studio in order to register for this class.

thick w/tricks

This class is taught by our guest instructor JBall.
This one hour aerial class is all about tricks up the pole tailored to plus size/curvy polers. We will learn upright and inverted combos/shapes from both outside and inside leg hangs on both static and spinning poles.

Pre-requisite: Solid climb required.

pole choreography

Combine the fluidity and grace of contemporary dance or the sassy flair of jazz dance with the athleticism of pole! Unleash your emotions and get lost in the music as you learn some feel-good choreography! Each month students will learn a new routine, alternating between contemporary and exotic styles. Each week, while learning the routine, a focus will be given to a different aspect of performance, including heel technique, microbends, lines, and musicality.

For level 2 or equivalent or instructor permission required.

pole flowetry I

This class will help you make sense out of all the spins, pirouettes and grips learned in your pole classes by using games, combos, freestyle and more!
While this class will be structured and guided by your instructor(s), it will also rely on student input and collaboration.
Pole Flowetry is where we hope your pole voice and identity will begin to develop!
Pole Flowetry I is best suited for high level 1 to level 3 students but we welcome anyone who wants to participate, learn and hang out with us!

* Class conceptualized and developed by Amanda Eva (@sweetcapri) and class lead instructor Heather O’Brien (@beckybiceps).

must be familiar and/or learning different grips, spins⠀and pirouettes.

pole flowetry II

Whether you want to work on dynamic static combos or you lean more toward flowy slow movement up or at the base of the pole – this class will help you find your pole mojo in a fun and innovative way.
Come prepared to submerge yourself in musicality, refine your climbs, inverts, and tricks and put it all together in choreographed pieces or combos that highlight your unique style.

While we are not learning any new tricks, we will work on the ones we have learned in our classes with an emphasis on the tricks that each individual feels confident in to add to choreographies. We will also spend time on those learned tricks each student wants to improve on.
Heels and kneepads optional.

* Class conceptualized and developed by Amanda Eva (@sweetcapri)

Pole Flowetry II  is best suited for high intermediate/advanced (high level 3 and above) students.
Students must be comfortable on both spin and static pole, executing 2 or more moves and/or transitions up the pole, solid climbs, inverts, shoulder mounts, and inside and outside leg hangs. Must have or be consistently working toward aerial inverts and aerial shoulder mounts.
Ayeshas/handsprings not necessary but helpful.

contemporary pole

Combine the fluidity and grace of contemporary dance with the athleticism of pole! Unleash your emotions and get lost in the music as you learn some feel-good flowy choreography!  Leggings and socks are welcome!

For levels 2 or equivalent or instructor permission required.


intro to sensual pole flow

description coming soon…

At least one Intro to Pole Basics class.

candlelight slow flow

description coming soon…

None. Open to all levels.

exotic queens

This class is dedicated to the plus-size/larger bodied dancers. Exotic Queens is perfect for those with some pole experience. Ruby will teach sexy movements and exotic flow. She will help you work on your individual pole goals and will alter moves based on your abilities!

*Prerequisite: Students must have taken an Intro to Exotic Pole or Intro to Pole Basics Class.

advanced exotic pole and flow

Kips, splits, and clacks, that’s a fact!

This is an advanced exotic  class for those who are already comfortable tapping into their sensual  side and are hungry for more. Body rolls, floorwork and handstands  combined with a whole lotta flow to bring your routines to the next  level.

Bring heels (recommended 7”or 8” Pleaser or Ellie platform  heels), knee pads (optional), and your confidence!

*Pre-requisite: Students must be at least at a Level 1 Pole or have prior Exotic Pole class experience.



Discover what sexy confidence means to you in our Heels class.

We will start class with some exercises to strengthen our ankles and legs to help with stability in heels (from 4″ heels to those 8″ Pleasers) before moving into a super sassy combo with hair whips and lots of hips! This class breaks down the technique to execute steps with flair! Class ends with a floorwork trick that you can use 100% transferable to exotic pole!
Bring a pair of heels (see FAQ for more info on which heels to bring), a water bottle, knee pads, and get ready to sweat!

heels FAQ’s

What should I wear to heels class?

Wear something comfortable you can dance, squat, bend over, and move your hips in. Comfortable workout clothes – shorts, leggings, tank tops, sports bras, etc. work well. Outfits that make you feel sexy are welcomed, though they should not restrict your movement or require you to readjust constantly. No jeans. Knee pads are encouraged for choreography with floorwork.

What heels should I wear? 

If this is your first time dancing in heels, I’d recommend wearing 1-2″ stiletto heels. Block heels and boots (instead of sandals or open toe shoes) offer more stability. Shoes should be comfortable enough to dance in; try walking around at home first. If you do not yet have dance heels, jazz shoes or socks can be worn. No Pleasers (platform heels often higher than 6″ tall) please. 

If you are looking to buy a new pair of heels, I’d recommend investing in a pair of dance heels (Burju is a great option). These shoes are specially designed to be danced in and are more comfortable and better balanced than street shoes. I’d recommend heels no higher than 4″ tall.


floor play

Work the floor with choreographed routines, combining sexy movements, heels clacks, and flexy fun! Floor Play will help take your floor work to the next level! Students are encouraged to bring heels and knee pads (or leggings) but it’s not required!


flexibility for pole

What are your flexy pole goals? Bring a pole move you want to improve or that move you’ve always wanted to try to Stretch Lab! Class will be catered to the students’ goals, providing exercises to stretch and strengthen your body! Along this journey, we will explore photoshoot-worthy floor shapes (with and without the pole) that utilize similar muscles!

Students should message LisaBella their pole moves at least 24 hours prior to class to allow time for lesson planning. In this hybrid class, priority will be given to in-person students’ goals.

The focus of this class is on preparing the body for flexible pole moves through stretches, exercises, and floor shapes. We will not be attempting moves up-the-pole in this class and no spots will be provided. For students taking this class online, a pole is not required to participate. The majority of the class will be taught off-the-pole and students are welcome to modify floor shapes that do utilize the pole.

Invert Conditioning

This one hour class focuses on conditioning to learn or strengthen your inversions. We will use our body weight and the pole to condition basic invert, chopper and shoulder mounts.
Prerequisite: None. Open to ALL levels.

strength and stretch

coming soon


vixen chair dance

Everyone has a chair at home so this class is perfect for everyone! No pole required, heels optional, chair needed! This dance class will use the chair as the focal point by incorporating your movements on, in, and around it. We will be adding a combination of some floor work and dance to form a beautiful routine! This class is perfect for all skill levels!

acro chair

Come learn new ways to “sit” on this common household apparatus! This class will combine choreographed dances with acrobatic poses on the chair that train your strength, balance, and flexibility. Kneepads and heels are welcome. Progressions for every level will be available!
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