If you have never taken a pole class before please start with our Intro to Pole Basics and Beginner Pole Series.

Intro to Pole Basics

The very first step to your pole journey. Start to get a feel for this unique apparatus while learning the fundamentals and techniques needed to perform the beginner moves of pole dancing.

Class duration: 60 minutes
Pre-requisites :

Beginner Pole Series

This class is for the student who is ready to embark on their pole dancing journey. Each week we will focus on a specific group of moves to get you feeling confident and strong while gaining strength and body awareness needed to execute fundamental pole moves.

Class duration: 75 minutes
Cost: $
90 for all 4 classes if purchased together as a series
Pre-requisites :
must have taken intro to pole class

Pole Level 1

At this level you will continue to build a strong foundations of the essential moves for a successful and fun pole journey.  You will learn pole climbs, different spins,  and leg holds while still upright. Students will work on both spin and static pole.

Class duration: 75 minutes
Pre-requisites :
must have successfully completed our beginner pole series (formerly intro to pole series) or approval from instructor.

Pole Level 1-2

Students at this level will begin exploring more grounded shapes and spins, work on invert conditioning and choppers from the floor, and the mechanics of leg hangs.
This class is ideal for students who have mastered the fundamental moves learned in Pole Level 1 and are feeling ready to explore beginner upside down shapes on the pole.

Class duration: 75 minutes
must have successfully and consistently mastered the moves learned in our Beginner Pole 1 or approval from instructor to join.

Pole Level 2

This option is for students who have successfully taken or are taking Pole Level 1 classes and are ready to move on. Students at this level are ready to work on more specific spins and moves, gain comfortability being upside down on the pole, learn to invert from the floor, leg hangs, and genie shapes.
Students also begin exploring shapes such as superwoman/man, marley, and different pole handstand shapes.
The more advanced level 2 students begin learning shapes and transitions required to execute the more advanced moves such  butterfly, foot mounts, shoulder mounts and brass sits.

Class duration: 75 minutes
must have successfully completed pole level 1 or level 1-2 classes, solid and strong forearm climb, genie, jasmine from the floor and aerially, ability to crucifix and chopper.

pole level 3

This class is designed for students ready to bring their pole journey to the next level.  Here the student will focus on gaining strength and flexibility needed to perform  pole moves and tricks with three or two points of contact. Students will continue to strengthen the fundamental skills such as inverts to inside and outside leg hangs, climbs, as well as increasing body awareness and engagement. At this level students will begin learning to execute more moves aerially from leg hangs on both spin and static pole.
Some of the common skills you can expect to work on in Level 3 are:
Butterfly, different entries to Superman, Shoulder Mounts (grounded). We will begin introducing flexy moves and shapes such as Jade Split, and Chopsticks, work on Static Rotations, and Brass Monkey.

Class duration: 75 minutes
Student must have a solid and clean invert to both outside and inside leg hangs, crucifix, genie, jasmine, and brass sits.  The ability to invert multiple times is necessary as we take our journey upside down more frequently.
Students at this level are able to participate in class respectfully by being attentive and following instructors’ directions.
Student must have successfully completed all the fundamentals moves learned in Pole Level 2 or permission from instructor.

pole level 3-4

This class is a hybrid of a high level 3 student who is progressing toward our more advanced levels but is still working on some level 3 elements.
Students at this level will continue working on static rotations and begin preparing or start working on Handsprings,  Ayeshas, baby flips and drops, and more advanced entries into moves such as iguanas and brass monkeys.

Class duration: 75 minutes
student must be have a solid, clean inverts from the floor, both inside and outside leg hangs, and shoulder mounts. Knowledge of different grips and ability to invert to leg hang multiple times a must.

Pole Level 4

(High Intermediate/Advanced Pole)

At this level students will gain a higher level of confidence in both spin and static pole, link 2 or more moves and transitions, become fluid in aerial inversions and aerial shoulder mounts.
Students will be working on static rotations, handsprings, ayeshas (all grips!), and more advanced flexy and upside down shapes and tricks with various entries and grips. Some common advanced moves and shapes you will learn in Level 4 are Machine Gun, Janeiro, Pegasus, Dragon Tail. We also begin working on Phoenix spins, deadlifts, and other entries and transitions from and to ayeshas.

Class duration: 75 minutes
Pre-requisites: Student must have the ability to aerial shoulder mount and invert multiple times.
Students at this level are able to participate in class respectfully by being attentive and following instructors’ directions.
Student must have successfully completed all the fundamentals moves learned in Pole Level 3-4 or permission from instructor.

Pole Level 5/Power Pole

(Advanced Pole)

Students will continue perfecting moves learned in our Level 4 with more emphasis placed on quality of movement and flow. We will spend a significant amount of time combining these advanced tricks in the air, on both spin or static.
Be prepared for more transitions, dynamic flows, drops, and flips.
At the Power Pole level you can expect to see more dynamic spins such as phoenix spin, drops, flips and deadlifts.

Class duration : 75 minutes
Pre-requisites: student must be actively and consistently enrolled in level 3-4 and above and or int/adv. pole combos and flow classes. Approval from instructor  or studio required.


This class will help you make sense out of all the spins, pirouettes and grips learned in your pole classes by using games, combos, freestyle and more!
While this class will be structured and guided by your instructor(s), it will also rely on student input and collaboration.
Pole Flowetry is where we hope your pole voice and identity will begin to develop!
Pole Flowetry I is best suited for high level 1 to level 3 students but we welcome anyone who wants to participate, learn and hang out with us!

* Class conceptualized and developed by Amanda Eva (@sweetcapri) and class former lead instructor Heather O’Brien (@beckybiceps).

Class duration: 75 minutes
Pre-requisites: must be familiar and/or learning different grips, spins⠀and pirouettes.

Pole Combos & Flow


Whether you want to work on dynamic static combos or lean more toward flowy slow movement up or at the base of the pole – this class will definitely challenge and bring your pole journey to the next level!
Come prepared to refine your climbs, inverts, and tricks you’ve been learning in your pole level classes.
Students will learn a single static and a spin pass that will be broken down and taught over several  weeks in order to give students enough time to perfect each skill.
There will be some choreographed flows with tricks as well as many opportunities for students to practice musicality to highlight their unique style.
The instructor will send an email in advance when it’s appropriate for students to bring/wear heels (always optional) or will need to use kneepads.

Class duration: 90 minutes
this class is best suited for high intermediate/advanced students (level 4/5).
Students must be comfortable on both spin and static pole, executing 2 or more moves and transitions up the pole, aerial inverts to leg inside and outside leg hangs, grounded shoulder mounts and brass monkey.
Must have or be consistently working toward  aerial shoulder mounts, ayeshas and handsprings.

Pole Combos & Flow (Int/Mixed Level)

We learn all these wonderful tricks and spins but have you ever thought how you could put them together? We got you!
This class will tap into some of the moves learned in pole level classes, and some new ones, with different entrances, transitions and exits. We will play with some floor work, base work, sensual movement,  use of heels, and other choreographed elements to incorporate into your flow.

Class duration: 75 minutes
Pre-requisites: this class is best suited for students who are actively enrolled in levels 1 through 3 classes. Students must have a solid jasmine, climb and genie.


clacks & choreo

We will learn choreographed pieces that will take us anywhere from the floor, to the base or all the way up the pole. Whether we are moving slow and slinky or performing dynamic moves, these choreographed pieces will leave you feeling AMAZING and strong! Feel free to touch on your body and get lost in the lyrics of the songs.
This class is a high beginner/intermediate class. Kneepads required. Heels highly recommended. Naughty outfits certainly welcomed!

Class duration: 75 minutes
Pre-requisites: must be high level 1-2 or be familiar with different grips and grounded spins or approval  from instructor.

pole chore & flow

In this class you will learn choreography aimed at helping you find your flow and unique movement. Most choreos will involve heels (always optional), and progressions and regressions will be offered to ensure students of all levels are able to focus on their movement in a supportive and safe environment. A strong focus will be on embodiment, connecting to yourself and paying attention to how each movement feels for you- dance should feel good and that is the main goal! Conditioning will be incorporated to develop skills to support the choreo being taught and to further develop low flow/floorwork strength, technique and mobility. Kneepads required, heels encouraged (socks are always a good idea too)

Class duration: 75 minutes
Pre-requisites: Intro to pole and comfort with level 1 low flow pole (pirouettes, dip spin, back hook spin, etc). For students looking to work on advanced progressions, strong bracket grip, chair spin and comfort with shoulder rolls helpful

thirst trap thursday/choreo

description coming soon…

low flow & basework

Get ready to learn some dynamic and attention grabbing pole moves in a sequence or choreography all executed at the base of the pole.
Kneepads and heels required.

Class duration: 75 minutes
Pre-requisites: must be a level 2 or above student, have pole dance experience or approval from instructor.


acro chair

Come learn new ways to “sit” on this common household apparatus! This class will combine choreographed dances with acrobatic poses on the chair that train your strength, balance, and flexibility. Kneepads and heels are welcome. Progressions for every level will be available!

Class duration: 75 minutes
Pre-requisites: none


flirty floorwork

Pure floor work fun! This beginner friendly class will introduce ways to explore the floor. Prepare to learn different types of crawls, leg waves and pikes. We will also learn how use windows and threading to remain connected to the floor achieving our maximum flirtatiousness on the floor.
Long pants and knee pads recommend. Heels are optional.

Class duration: 75 minutes
Pre-requisites: none


flexibility for pole

strength and stretch

coming soon

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