COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Protocol

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Dear students,

Your wellbeing, health and safety are a priority here at Soul Pole Dance & Fitness. This is why we are taking a proactive approach to the recent developments and progressions of the Coronavirus.

Effective immediately:

– We ask that you keep socializing and gathering to a minimum prior to and after class.

– We will temporarily discontinue the use of yoga mats during warm-ups. Please feel free to bring your own mats or yoga blocks.

– Cloth rags to wipe the poles down will also be discontinued temporarily. We ask that you bring your own rags to clean the poles you are using. Alternatively we will be using papertowels to wipe down poles.

– Studio Dry Hands or other grips will not be available until further notice. Please be sure you have your own grip. We have a couple of bottles of dry hands for sale if you need some.

– Wash your hands BEFORE going in to class and AFTER class. Sanitizing wipes are available to use on the bathroom door knob.

– If you are not feeling well, we ask that you please stay home.

– Please dispose water bottles properly. DO NOT leave your bottles behind!

– If you are sharing poles, please wipe them down with alcohol between uses!

– If you use a crash mat, we ask that you wipe it with alcohol after use.

– At this time we are asking instructors to keep limited physical contact with students. This means no hand spotting. Please conduct yourselves with consideration during class!

Cancellation & Refund Policy:
– if you purchased a single class or class pass we will honor a refund. You could also postpone your class date at your convenience.
– if you have a class pass, the class will not be deducted.
– if you have a membership and we need to close the studio for an extended period of time, we will extend your membership for the days lost.

Future notifications & updates:
In the event that we decide to temporarily suspend all classes, we will notify you via email, post in all social media as well as our website!

Please remain positive, safe and informed during this time. We know a lot of you look forward to your pole time here with your Soul Pole family so we are trying our best to keep our studio safe and open.

Let’s keep dancing in a safe manner…because safety is dope and sexy!

Thank you all!

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