in-studio classes

  • If you are not feeling well, we ask that you please skip class until you feel better.
  • At this point in time we are allowing fully vaccinated individuals in the studio to share a pole. This could be in a class or private party.
  • Students who are not vaccinated must comply with our 1 pole per student rule.
  • A Covid-19 Waiver must be filled out and submitted prior to participating in class.
  • Students are to wait outside of the studio until alerted that they can enter for their scheduled class. We ask that you practice social distancing while waiting.
  • Please do NOT arrive more than 10 minutes prior to your scheduled class.
  • Students will be asked to enter the studio one at time.
  • Temperatures will be taken upon entering the studio.
  • Hand sanitizer will be applied to hands. Additionally, students have the option to wash their hands before class.
  • Hand sanitizer stations will be located throughout the studio.
  • Masks are required. We are making some exceptions – for example if  every individual participating in a class, or inside the space is fully vaccinated. 
  • Students are to remain within their pole area during class.
  • We ask that students limit socializing in groups or gathering before, during, or after class inside the studio.
  • Alcohol and a towel are provided to clean your poles.
  • Please bring your own water! We will have water bottles available. Please DO NOT leave your bottles behind. We ask that you dispose of them properly upon completing your class or exiting the studio.
  • No student to student spotting.
  • Until social distancing guidelines become more relaxed, instructor spotting will be discouraged. We trust that students use extreme caution and their best judgment when performing certain tricks or moves. The instructor will provide verbal and visual cues to assist students as best as possible. In the event that you cannot execute a move without spotting, the instructor reserves the right to spot the student. Both student and instructor must use caution when doing so and must use hand sanitizer prior and after spotting.
  • At this time we are accepting private party requests. Parties are approved  at the discretion of the owner and Soul Pole staff.


  • If you travel outside of the state of MA for longer than 24 hours and plan to return to take classes at Soul Pole, you must either quarantine for 14 days or provide the studio with a negative  Covid-19 test result.

memberships, refunds, cancellations

  • If you had an active monthly pass or unlimited membership, you can reinstate it at any time. This can be done by submitting an email to
  • There will be no refunds for virtual classes. However, we would gladly reschedule it for you.
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