in-studio classes

  • If you are not feeling well, we ask that you please stay home.
  • 3 Students PER CLASS/1 student per POLE+ instructor.
  • A Covid-19 Waiver must be filled out and submitted prior to participating in class.
  • Students are to wait outside of the studio until alerted that they can enter for their scheduled class. We ask that you practice social distancing while waiting.
  • Students will be asked to enter the studio one at time.
  • Temperatures will be taken at the door.
  • Students must wash their hands properly before and after class. Hand sanitizer stations will be located throughout the studio.
  • Masks are required.  Exceptions made for students with medical conditions that prevents them from wearing one.
  • Each pole will have a number assigned to match a chair. This chair is where students will place their belongings. Cubbies will not be in use at this time.
  • Students are to remain within their pole area during class.
  • No socializing  in groups or gathering before, during, or after class inside the studio.
  • We ask that each student bring their own washcloth/towel and alcohol (70% or higher) to clean their poles. In the event that you do not have  your own washcloth or alcohol, the studio can provide these for a small fee. You can keep these items for future classes.
  • Students are to bring their own mats and yoga blocks.
  • No sharing of dry hands or other pole grip solutions.  Dry hands will be available for sale at the studio.
  • Please bring your own water! We will have water bottles available. Please DO NOT leave your bottles behind. We ask that you dispose of them properly upon completing your class or exiting the studio.
  • No student to student spotting.
  • Until social distancing guidelines become more relaxed, there will be no spotting from instructors unless in cases of extreme emergencies. We trust that students use extreme caution and their best judgment when performing certain tricks or moves. The instructor will provide verbal and visual cues to assist students as best as possible.
  • No private parties will be booked at this time until further notice.

memberships, refunds, cancellations

  • If you had an active monthly pass or unlimited membership, you can reinstate it at any time. This can be done by submitting an email to
  • There will be no refunds for virtual classes. However, we would gladly reschedule it for you.
  • Private studio time will only accommodate 1 student at a time. Only members of the same household will be allowed to book private studio time together.
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