Got a special occasion coming up? Want to get a group of friends together for a super fun and special evening? Not ready to take a group class?

Then hosting a pole party with us might be just what you need!

private parties pricing

4 PEOPLE – $170

5 PEOPLE – $185

6 PEOPLE – $200

7 PEOPLE – $225

8 PEOPLE – $250


Private parties are usually booked on Saturdays or Sundays after 5pm. On occasion we can accommodate a Friday early afternoon or evening. Please fill out the form below with your desired date and time, as well as 2 additional options just in case we can’t reserve your first choice.

Once your date and time has been confirmed, a deposit is required. Your party is not finalized or reserved unless your non-refundable deposit has been made.

yasss, I want to book a party!

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