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  • Home Pole Studios
  • Elite Pole Dance Solutions
  • Sneaky Deez
  • Made by Mortecia
  • Devox Designs
  • Rarr Designs
  • Heel Art Collection

Awards & Titles

  • KUNT Boston Burlesque Show 2020 – Special Guest Performer
  • 2020 Schtick it! NYC- Selected Performer
  • Lux Pole Cabaret 2020 Professional Selected Performer
  • USPDF 2019 Amateur – 3rd Place
  • USPDF Pro Status 2019
  • CRNP Power Poler of the Year
  • Brazen Belles Burlesque 2019 Special Guest Performer
  • Exotic Alchemy Pole Dance Show 2019 Headliner
  • Bad 2 the Chrome 2019 Selected Soloist
  • Pole Sport Northeast 2018 Exotic Level 5 – 3rd Place
  • Pole Sport Northeast 2018 LowFlow & Floorwork Level 4/5 – 1st
  • Place Dance Filthy 2018 Pro Finalist
  • USPDF 2018 Amateur Pro Qualifier
  • USPSF Classique 2018 NAPDC 2018
  • Alethea Austin’s Exotic Day – LowFlow Finalist
  • Dance Filthy 2017 – 2nd Place Amateur
  • Pole Sport Northeast 2017 Exotic Level 4 – 3rd Place
  • Dance Filthy 2016 Amateur Qualifier 4x
  • Lucky’s Girl Next Door Winner & Title Holder
  • Certified Cleo’s Rock n Pole Instructor – Spinning Pole Tricks & Floor Rockers

Jena Clough is a pole dancing mama with a passion for pole dancing and movement. Her drive to make her dreams come true has led her on a pole dance journey that is over a decade long that has taught her how to love herself and self-expression through dance. Jena is a self-taught pole dancer who has trained with many of her pole idols and hopes to continue learning all things related to the aerial arts! She owns DreamFyre Pole Fitness located on Cape Cod, in Massachusetts. While Jena is a twice certified Cleo’s Rock N Pole Instructor, she maintains a unique and technical style of teaching that is all her own. An avid competitor for the past number of years, Jena now looks to take the stage in showcases and performances. Jena officially received her “pro-card” at USPDF in 2019, placing 3rd in Women’s Amateur Division. Amateur no longer, this lady is officially a pro! Jena is also the creator of Exotic Alchemy, a delicious and enticing pole dance show that showcases well known polers as well as local and national dancers who have a passion for the sultry side of pole dancing.


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