hybrid classes? tell me more.

Whether we call it the new normal or just the way things will be for a bit, we are riding the wave of change. We would like to introduce to you our Hybrid classes!

What is it? When you think of “hybrid” you probably think “Toyota Prius”. We do too. Except for pole. Hybrid classes offer the convenience of joining our small in-studio classes from the convenience of your home (or other location). You save travel time and a little cash since these classes cost less.

Your hybrid class will be live-streamed via Zoom so you do get some level of interaction with the instructor, but you must understand that their attention is mainly directed to the students at the studio.

So what’s the difference between Virtual Class and Hybrid? We are glad you asked.

Hybrid Classes are happening at the studio with the instructor present as well as other Soul Pole Family members! (We bet your bestie is in there). Due to the new regulations our in-studio classes are smaller than usual so offering you the option to join in virtually made perfect sense!

With virtual classes the instructor is teaching remotely somewhere else, like their home, another studio, or on a beach somewhere while on vacation. If you don’t have a pole at home and there’s a class you really like but is only being offered virtually at the moment you will have the option to join in at the studio and use our space (more details on that later)!

Virtual classes also gives our Soul Pole instructors you love so much (cuz they are the bomb dot com) the option to not have to travel to the studio so frequently.  We want them healthy and safe too! Another great bonus of virtual classes is the ability to host guest instructors.

When you sign up for one of our virtual classes, the attention and interaction of the instructor is directly with those enrolled via Zoom, whereas in a Hybrid class, attention is primarily given to those at the studio.


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